I am a violinist/musician unearthing experimental sounds and the fusion of world styles; creating immersive soundscapes that transcend, hypnotize, and inspire. 

My experience as a musician started in childhood. Classically trained, I studied the curriculum of the Royal Conservatory of Music. My classical training has taken me around the world, playing violin for orchestras in countries from Russia to Japan.

My desire to branch away from a classical repertoire and write my own music led me to the discovery of various world styles. My studies in Persian violin and my exploration of electronic production became the mediums in which I chose to express and poeticize feeling and movement. My vision as an artist is beyond the five senses; sculpting transformative compositions that are rich in depth, texture, mood, and space.

I have composed string arrangements for artists spanning various style such as hip hop, dubstep, neo-classical, and world fusion. The projects that I am hired for are indicative of the scope of my creative vision and the dedication I have to producing innovative sounds.